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Dateline SBS Australia
Dateline SBS Australia

The Australian show Dateline sent internationally acclaimed video journalist David Brill to do a piece on SMH where he came to Vancouver and then followed David to Albuquerque and Portland where he was doing shows with groups he’d trained there.

Click on the image above to get a good idea of what it looks like to have David run SMH in your city. He does the training via Skype then flies in at the end to do a show with the comics.

Run Stand Up For Mental Health™ In Your City


There’s something incredibly healing about telling a roomful of people exactly who you are and having them laugh and cheer!

Having David run a Stand Up For Mental Health™ program in your city is a great way to reach the public and fight stigma around mental health issues. It also makes a great recovery vehicle for the comics.

Because this project is so unique and innovative, it’s usually quite easy to get a lot of media coverage. And if you want to get entrepreneurial, you can use the shows as a fundraiser to offset the costs of putting on the program.

David will train your people to do stand-up comedy routines about their mental health journeys and perform their routines at a showcase.

You’ll get to see people with mental health issues for who they truly are: funny, courageous, intelligent, and totally awesome!

Option A: David will train up to 10 of your people over a 12-week period.

Option B: David will train up to 6 of your people over a 6-week period

David runs the program via weekly virtual classes. He also goes over the comic’s acts and gives one-on-one coaching via phone and email. Each student also gets the Stand Up For Mental Health™ workbook.

For both options David flies in to run and MC the final show.

Optional Phase Two:

There is also an optional Phase Two ongoing program. The comics continue to receive monthly classes and get to keep performing. Once they find out that there’s an SMH group in a given city a lot of organizations want to have them perform at various events. We’ve performed on military bases, at correctional facilities, for govt and corporations, we’re part of med school curriculums etc. It’s a great way to continue to fight stigma in a lot of different venues. This program culminates is a graduation showcase that David flies in to run and MC.

Click here for info on running SMH in your city or to book a show


Rave Reviews

Your Stand Up For Mental Health™ training and show totally exceeded our expectations! It was amazing to watch the process as our people developed their acts and then after 12 weeks got up on stage, did a hilarious show, and got a standing ovation. The comedy you did as you ran the show was incredibly funny and your closing statement nailed the spirit and intent of the show. What an extremely inspiring event! We look forward to working with you again and again.

Debra Jorgensen, Chief Administrative Officer, Recovery Empowerment Network, Phoenix, Arizona 


We were amazed at how great your Stand Up For Mental Health™ presentation was. I heard our former Board chair say that this was “the most effective anti-stigma event she’s ever seen”!! Lots of kudos! The comics you trained performed wonderfully, and were thrilled with their time on stage. We also had a great turnout, obviously there was a lot of interest in your program.

Deborah Warren, LCSW, DCSW, Director, Child, Family, & Prevention Services Alexandria Community Services Board


Thanks for the great job you did training our people to be stand-up comics. The show itself was amazing, the comic’s acts were fabulous and so was the standing ovation they received at the end of the show. We already have people who say they want to do the class next year! 

Jacqueline Holmes, Jennifer Dingwall, Crossroads Clubhouse, Sydney, Nova Scotia


Your Stand Up For Mental Health™ was a huge hit at our conference!  The prolonged standing ovation said it all. You were all hilarious, and the fact that you were able to train the comics in only 6-weeks via Skype is amazing. Afterwards people were raving about your show. What a great way to begin our conference on a high while also addressing some serious issues around mental health!

Danette Castle, Executive Director, Texas Council of Community Centers 


For the second year in a row the show you did for us was a great success. The comics you trained all did a great job, and you were hilarious too. Thanks for helping us to fight stigma in our community with laughter and fun.

Jill Dennison, Regional Lead – Western Region, Schizophrenia Society of Ontario