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Cracking Up

VOICE Award Winning documentary

Cracking Up follows a year in the life of Stand Up For Mental Health. You’ll see a group of people who suffer the stigma of mental illness on a daily basis; strangers fear them, staring and whispering behind their backs. Many of them have survived suicide attempts, psychotic breaks and have been in and out of institutions for years. But ultimately, they are the underdogs who set out to achieve something that even they don’t believe they will be able to do… confront their demons and find humor in some of their most horrible and emotionally painful experiences.

Cracking Up features naturally gifted people from all walks of life who happen to be afflicted with mental illnesses. The comedy class offers a “safe place” where everyone in the group is free of stigma and treated with respect.

You’ll see the comics from their first time at the mic to their graduation showcase in front of a packed house! It’s funny, inspiring, and educational. You’ll come away from it with hope that recovery is possible!

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