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21 Oct 2014

Recovery by SMH comic Kim Van Dyke

Posted By: David | 03:32 AM

My experience with mental illness began at the age of 19 when my schizophrenia began to take effect.  To give some context I will explain the timeline.  It was early December 2001 I had moved into a new apartment with my mother and began experiencing subtle paranoia and by late January 2002 I was hospitalized….

17 Aug 2014

A Comic’s Experience taking Stand Up For Mental Health

Posted By: David | 08:17 PM

David Granirer’s Stand Up For Mental Health: Last April 2014, I participated in this wonderful workshop called Stand Up for Mental Health [SMH] and performed a comedy skit at a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) event for 300 people. It was a 6 week workshop where I had the opportunity to create jokes with…