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21 Oct 2014

Recovery by SMH comic Kim Van Dyke

Posted By: David | 03:32 AM

My experience with mental illness began at the age of 19 when my schizophrenia began to take effect.  To give some context I will explain the timeline.  It was early December 2001 I had moved into a new apartment with my mother and began experiencing subtle paranoia and by late January 2002 I was hospitalized….

17 Aug 2014

A Comic’s Experience taking Stand Up For Mental Health

Posted By: David | 08:17 PM

David Granirer’s Stand Up For Mental Health: Last April 2014, I participated in this wonderful workshop called Stand Up for Mental Health [SMH] and performed a comedy skit at a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) event for 300 people. It was a 6 week workshop where I had the opportunity to create jokes with…

02 Jul 2013

When Mental Health Is A Laughing Matter

Posted By: David | 10:33 PM

Most people think you have to be nuts to do stand-up comedy. I offer it as a form of therapy. And it’s not as crazy as it seems. Stand Up For Mental Health (SMH) is my program where I teach stand-up comedy to people with mental health issues as a way of building confidence and…

28 Jun 2013

Let’s Be Rational When It Comes To Mental Health

Posted By: David | 07:58 PM

I’m one of the one in four people who have mental illness. And the sad thing is that people are still afraid of us. And no wonder. Every time one of us commits a crime the media goes out of their way to tell us that the perpetrator had a mental illness. If any other…